steve. – Fuego My Eggo

I’ve been feeling pretty sad and full of emotion lately so I’ve returned to my love of emo music – the result of all this has been the discovery of steve. – *unveils steve. from beneath one of those metal dome food covers that they have in restaurants in the movies*.

steve. are from New Jersey in the big ol’ US of A. Fuego My Eggo was my fav off their EP and they were kind enough to even create a music video for it, so I’ve included that below as an extra special treat. I know I know, thank me later.

I’ve found Fuego My Eggo kinda feisty and also kinda liberating. It has reminded me to go get outside and meet some fun people, make a few mistakes and embrace some “maple syrup covered lips“. I also love this song for its gradual increase in anger, I guess it just goes to show how quickly everything can turn to shit – but that journey does give us things to sing about, so *shrugs shoulders*.

Also listening to this in the evening has its downsides as I am now dying for some breakfast. Go listen to the whole EP on bandcamp fools – but maybe wait till morning.

10 Commandments out of 10.

Landlines – Junkyard

Portland, USA! ..and yes, I’ve only just discovered Portlandia – but i’m learning.

I’m getting so many early REMmurmur era‘ vibes (…sorry for writing vibes) from Junkyard. I think it’s how stripped back it is, with the really prominent bass – it’s also because of how god damn cool it is.

I’m really glad this comes out in September, as this is genuinely the time of year where I always start to break.

The guitar solo on Junkyard is the icing on this grungy straight-talking cake. I wish it went on longer, but I think you’d then end up with an entire Interpol song sandwiched between the rest of this Landlines song – and I think Interpol are the only band who could really pull that sort of thing off, and only with their songs. Taking this all into account, the guitar solo is the correct length. I’m sure Landlines went through the same thought process.

The song rules, and it’s part of a new album that is out physically September 28th – go find it on bandcamp!

10 Commandments out of 10.

Sweater Curse – Fell Asleep

Sorry, I’ve been away at a music festival! I had a nice time, thanks!

Brisbane, Australia!

This song is so damn damn good, I was at End of the Road festival and Sweater Curse would have fit in so well there! Slowdive headlined one night and I get similar vibes (…sorry for writing vibes) from Fell Asleep. It’s ominous, slightly on edge and comes to life once the sun has gone down…I imagine this is the music the moon would make if it could play the guitar and had emotions. I’m here for you moon.

Anyway any song with the line “I’d rather go home and have a bath” is golden. I don’t think baths get enough love in general, let alone within the Australian alternative music scene – so thanks Sweater Curse for doing your bit for a worthy cause.

Guys, the song rules, so listen to it. It’s even on Spotify – no excuses.

Sorry for a terrible review, I am tired.

10 Commandments out of 10.

Julian – Drawn 2

Washington, USA!!

Yes this is a short song, well observed, but fear not dear readers as these 2 minutes and 10 seconds are full of misery, darkness and murk (if murkiness was an object). In other words, Drawn 2 ticks all the boxes on our new doom music checklist.

That unrelenting guitar riff is what I imagine Interpol sound like whenever they have a conversation between themselves. I’m really bad with lyrics and interpretations, but Drawn 2 sounds very obsessive and all consuming – It gives me that same ominous feeling I get from Nirvanawhere did you sleep last night’.

I feel I may have over interpreted, but ignore me and please go listen to it!

I’m gunna go listen to Julian‘s earlier releases :).

10 Commandments out of 10

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