wf addams – little explosions

Athens, Georgia! America!

Little Explosions is so so good, I hope wf addams won’t find this insulting but it brings back all that was good about teen college dramas. Scenes of kids running away from home, a teenager turning their back on a crush and not looking back, a renegade with a troubled past and nothing left to lose – generally all scenes that involve someone dramatically leaving something or someone, while the renegade watches from afar.

Regardless of my obsession with Jimmy Eat World (I think they sound vaguely similar, in a good way!), the vocals rule, as does the slow burning rhetoric “Do I Look Convincing Yet?”.

Check out the whole Signs of Wear EP below! Also great illustration!

9 Commandments out of 10

JACK – Honest To Dog

JACK! I think New York!

First of all ‘Honest To Dog‘ is an absolute 10/10 song name, just needed to clarify that before we got started.

This is one of those songs that I kinda don’t feel worthy of reviewing, it’s incredibly emotional, moving and gives me some of those Jeff Buckley Grace shivers – brrrrr *does the shivering mime*. I genuinly feel like I’m trespassing into the world of JACK (Brittany Costa) just by listening, but I’m listening anyway … at a safe distance.

Honest To Dog builds and falls in intensity with the grace of the mighty Mitski, especially with the repeated “it ain’t right“. Silence really can be such a powerful sound, don’t you forget that kids!

Go listen and trespass* to and on JACK’s Resting Places EP now on bandcamp fool. Oh and this came out last year, and Facebook tells me JACK has a new EP launch party in August woo!

10 Commandments out of 10

*we do not endorse the act of trespassing, so don’t go using us as an excuse for your renegade adventures

Your Dog – Droool

Your Dog! From the Bronx! New York! America!

I haven’t heard anything this good since probably the dawn of time.

Droool is my fav off the Talking To Bob EP, but 666 is also seriously good as are the other 2 tracks.

Droool is a grungy enticing sludge, with an imprisoned guitar fighting to break free. Now, I might have taken that too far, probably because I just watched the Star Wars film with the quicksand…BUT there are themes of being trapped and the simplicity between the instruments makes it raw, up in your face and they’re the sort of vocals that demand you go out and hear them live. Together, the sludge and rawness and bossy vocals make for a questionable cooking recipe, but a damn good song.

In case anyone is interested, my favourite line is “I’m something oh, ohhh I’m something that’s for sure“.

Go listen to the whole EP below.

10 Commandments out of 10.

Majik Taylor – L’ange

Ah Dallas, Texas, where you been hiding this glazy pop?

Majik Taylor seems to be (after some incredible detective work where I read the Soundcloud description) masterminded by Ian Salazar, along with drums from Ian Brothers – or the Ian brothers? There could be two drummers who knows.

L’ange is one sexy song, and it’s taken from their first LP release ‘Bad Faces’ now on bandcamp! check it here.

L’ange might be in reference to the 1982 French film by the same name, but I haven’t seen that and I won’t pretend that I have, plus I’m more interested in the amazing backing vocals of (..gels! ..gels!!) after the line We are angels. It’s my favourite moment, so there I’ve mentioned it now, plus it leads into the solo.

This is a solo intertwined with vintage recordings, which gives me a chance to use a lazy comparison to Public Service Broadcasting. I don’t know how many people in the USA know about these guys but they’re also cool, but make sure you listen to Majik Taylor first – or there’ll be hell to pay.

tl;dr: this is a good song

9 Commandments out of 10

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