Tiny Blue Ghost – Autumn Leaves

It is very cold in the UK tonight and I’m covered in about 4 blankets and I’m listening to Tiny Blue Ghost and I feel content.

Listening to Autumn Leaves makes me feel so wholesome. It gives me a temporary feeling of thinking I know all of my neighbours and they all know me and we can rely on one another. We would all happily receive a parcel on behalf of another and accept the inconvenience. For some reason this is the only utopia I can summon in my mind currently – I think it has something to do with being cold and because the artwork is a house.

The instrumental section reminds me of Explosions in the Sky, but a really really quiet Explosions in the Sky – like if Explosions in the Sky for some reason were performing live in a library. They should totally do that and Tiny Blue Ghost should support.

I’m going to go listen to Tiny Blue Ghost’s other songs now – bye!

9 Commandments out of 10.


Kilo Tango – Gone Baby Gone

This is really cool as we wrote about Kilo Tango around a year ago now, and she has a new song out and it’s on a whole other level, i.e. Kilo Tango, but all shiny. Most things when upgraded are shinier, right?

So, we got to hear this new track via one of our friendly labels Deli Cat Records‘ new comp ‘Purr-fect fall’. There’s some other killer tracks on there too, I won’t tell you which ones so that means you’ll have to listen to all of it…oh okay, big shout out to Dott their song ‘To Do List’ seriously rules.

When we first wrote about Kilo Tango, it was for her track ‘Will U Go‘ which we described as “emotional…ok!” On ‘Gone Baby Gone’, Kilo has gained a few more pals to make a tad more noise, and with that comes a bit more, I’m gunna say, swinging rock and roll. For some reason the rhythm of this track really reminds me of The B-52‘s ‘Private Idaho’ – but with more guitar and less keyboard black holes…for now.

There’s definitely something really nostalgic about Kilo Tango’s sound and this is coming from someone born in the 90s, so I definitely know what the 60s and 70s were all about. So go ask for a malt shake and stick some Kilo Tango on the jukebox. Oh brother.

Go check out the whole comp!

9 Commandments out of 10


Unity – Days

All the days…feel the same

From the first 6 seconds, you know this song is better than good – it’s great!

Plus, the next 6 seconds are exactly the same as the first 6 seconds so then you know this song is better than great – it’s rad! (I definitely view ‘rad’ as a level above ‘great’, feel free to disagree.)

Man but seriously, ‘Days‘ is a proper headbanger. It must be only a matter of time till I get to hear this played live here in the UK – and it will rule. Such an awesome track, complete with the perfect build to the final guitarplosion – there must be a cooler way of describing this, sorry I’m lame.

I’m having a pretty angry day to be honest and this is exactly what I needed…*proceeds to listen 50 times on repeat whilst thinking about all of the injustices in the world*

While I do that, go listen to the whole album – it’s really really good.

10 Commandments out of 10


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