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KiloTango – Will U Go

September 28, 2015 |


Hey guys, today we’re all going to fall in love with KiloTango, her song Will U Go is very good and she has another song about a Lava Lamp.

Will U Go is emotional ok. Its 2 minutes 16 … Read More

KAIA – Birthday Song

September 17, 2015 |

Ah, a Norwegian trio that are great at making music, just what I was looking for.

This is honestly amazing – I know I say everything is amazing, but seriously.

Birthday Song is one of those songs that has so … Read More

Isaac Gracie – Last Words

September 8, 2015 |


All I know is Isaac Gracie is from the UK, and that he’s done a Daytrotter session, so I’m off to listen to that straight after writing these words. (link >> HERE)

The tone of voice really reminds me … Read More

Pastel Dream – Shell (Demo)

September 6, 2015 |

We are off to California, welcome Pastel Dream.

I keep hearing amazing songs like these, and they all seem to be from bands around the California area – somebody take me yeah? England is all rainy.

Shell is pretty damn … Read More