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Verydeadly – To Death

May 21, 2015 |

I found this track from 17 year old Verydeadly a few days back, and I seriously can’t get it out of my head.

To Death is taken from the This Will Immerse Me LP that came out last month, which … Read More

Floris Bates – In The Winter

May 12, 2015 |

I think this is the first time I’m writing about music from The¬†Netherlands, how interesting.

Floris Bates is so good, I’m just sad that It’s taken me three months to discover this love encrusted¬†mixtape. Hmm encrusted for some reason makes … Read More

Loud Sun – Teen Pyramids

May 12, 2015 |

Loud Sun is the musical adventure that’s been embarked on by one Andrew Jansen from Oakland, in the ol’ US of A.

I think, and don’t hold me to this, that Teen Pyramids is a track taken from Loud Sun‘s … Read More

Jena Pyle & Claire Morales – Strange

April 22, 2015 |

Now I’m not one to ordinarily like country music, in fact country and death metal are the only two genre’s I generally hide from. But this cover of Patsy Cline‘s Strange is something pretty sweet. Jena Pyle & Claire MoralesRead More