Unity – Days

All the days…feel the same

From the first 6 seconds, you know this song is better than good – it’s great!

Plus, the next 6 seconds are exactly the same as the first 6 seconds so then you know this song is better than great – it’s rad! (I definitely view ‘rad’ as a level above ‘great’, feel free to disagree.)

Man but seriously, ‘Days‘ is a proper headbanger. It must be only a matter of time till I get to hear this played live here in the UK – and it will rule. Such an awesome track, complete with the perfect build to the final guitarplosion – there must be a cooler way of describing this, sorry I’m lame.

I’m having a pretty angry day to be honest and this is exactly what I needed…*proceeds to listen 50 times on repeat whilst thinking about all of the injustices in the world*

While I do that, go listen to the whole album – it’s really really good.

10 Commandments out of 10



Jabba The Hunk – Kill Her (Then We’ll Have Pizza)

Yes, this is a band called Jabba The Hunk, and they’re from Toronto. What of it?

Well, Kill Her (Then We’ll Have Pizza) is the first track from their first ever EP which is called “EP1”.

I seriously cannot stop listening to this song – the riff is worryingly addictive and I don’t really know why. The spoken delivery and some of the lyrics (plus the fact the song is called Kill Her) means this is one sinister tune – I’m not sure what it says about me though. Seriously some of the lyrics are wickedly dark…so go find a dark place, stick some headphones on and uncover your inner demons – or just enjoy the song, that’s cool too.

“Its all come to fruition now, this’ll be the time that the bottle breaks

I don’t want to hurt ya, but I know exactly where this is going…”

8 Commandments out of 10



Boy Lawyer – Beautiful, Feels like Tomb


These guys are awesome and one of the trio looks kinda like James Murphy, if you squint your eyes and believe enough in everything that’s great in the world.

Beautiful, Feels like Tomb is taken from their “”five songs”” EP of which I really do like all of the tracks. There’s some heavy jammy stuff going on with some of these tracks but then some more poppy riff bangerz for some light refreshment. The solo on In the Sun also really reminds me of We Are Scientists and that is a huge compliment from me as self-appointed captain of the We Are Scientists fan club.

Regardless, this track was the one. The riff is killer, and makes me want to walk down a street and accidentally bump into people, as I’m not looking where I’m going am I – I’m listening to Boy Lawyer instead. Also that solo is straight out of the QOTSA book, which is a really great book to be ripping pages out of by the way. I wish more bands ripped up those pages, covered themselves in the confetti and then pressed the record button.

9 Commandments out of 10



Boys Over Flowers – Blood Orange

This Californian band have destroyed all of their previous recordings for reasons highlighted on their Facebook, leaving all but one new offering to the world ‘Blood Orange‘.

If you’re going to head in a new direction it helps if that direction is a good one, and fortunately for Boys Over Flowers they chose wisely when facing their own crossroad.

I’ve never heard these guys prior to Blood Orange, so I have no idea what the old songs were like, so I’m going to assume they were as different as can be because I’m a fun guy and this is what I do for fun.

Blood Orange‘s opening riff rules and the vocals are so so awesome bringing up lazy comparisons to a generally more alert sounding Julian Casablancas or maybe also Car Seat Headrest. I don’t want to get too technical but “the bridge” on this track is also really great and, I’m sure, has the entire pop star community shaking furiously in jealousy.

There’s even a good ol’ fashioned “freak out!” at the end.

Blood Orange is the first track from the reborn Boys Over Flowers, and they’ve promised an album very soon!

10 Commandments out of 10



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