Lisa Salvo – Free

This track came out back in November of last year – but we don’t care, it’s unbelievably good.

The sombre guitar riff is unstoppable, this is a hazy night walk into the oblivion.

All thoughts are suspended as Lisa’s words glide by numbly: “I am just neutral and trying to do as I should”. Even the guitar solo evokes words such as “like you know, whatever”.

To be listened to after dark.

10 Commandments out of 10




Zooz – Redeem

Zooz are a “slack collective” from our very own London town.

Zooz sound laid back, they sound like they’re all sitting in bean bags feeling sad – but that isn’t a bad thing, bean bags are never a bad idea. The entire track just comes across with supreme confidence – it’s a haunting, emotional ballad.

Redeem leaves us cold, with that ghostly repeated closing mantra “but I was never enough“, fading further and further behind.

I hope Zooz have found closure.

9 Commandments out of 10.



Blue Movies – Kuroi Karasu

Do not listen to this unless dusk is upon ye.

London based duo Blue Movies don’t do sunshine and smiles.

Kuroi Karasu is taken from their Cassette EP that came out last year, and at nearly 8 minutes in length it’s a hell of a jam, and a hell of a hug.

Kuroi Karasu can change your mood, just like that *clicks internet fingers*, and that moment where the bass builds in around 3:20…*pauses for reflection*…just sounds beautiful.

These guys are good – they also obviously do great Black Sabbath covers.

9 Commandments out of 10



Commutes – Play It Cool

I’m back baby!

First of all, let’s just talk about that intro – man is that a mood changer, but I guess that depends on whether you were already in the world of eternal bliss…if you were…congratulations.

Mood changing tracks are always pretty special – the greatest being Talking Head‘s ‘Once in a Lifetime‘ – just saying, Play It Cool is a good’un though.

Commutes live in Seattle but they’re from Okinawa – that’s pretty much all I know.

All their other tracks are also really great – I particularly enjoy 90 Days.

9 Commandments out of 10


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