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Sweater Curse – Fell Asleep

Sorry, I’ve been away at a music festival! I had a nice time, thanks!

Brisbane, Australia!

This song is so damn damn good, I was at End of the Road festival and Sweater Curse would have fit in so well there! Slowdive headlined one night and I get similar vibes (…sorry for writing vibes) from Fell Asleep. It’s ominous, slightly on edge and comes to life once the sun has gone down…I imagine this is the music the moon would make if it could play the guitar and had emotions. I’m here for you moon.

Anyway any song with the line “I’d rather go home and have a bath” is golden. I don’t think baths get enough love in general, let alone within the Australian alternative music scene – so thanks Sweater Curse for doing your bit for a worthy cause.

Guys, the song rules, so listen to it. It’s even on Spotify – no excuses.

Sorry for a terrible review, I am tired.

10 Commandments out of 10.

Julian – Drawn 2

Washington, USA!!

Yes this is a short song, well observed, but fear not dear readers as these 2 minutes and 10 seconds are full of misery, darkness and murk (if murkiness was an object). In other words, Drawn 2 ticks all the boxes on our new doom music checklist.

That unrelenting guitar riff is what I imagine Interpol sound like whenever they have a conversation between themselves. I’m really bad with lyrics and interpretations, but Drawn 2 sounds very obsessive and all consuming – It gives me that same ominous feeling I get from Nirvanawhere did you sleep last night’.

I feel I may have over interpreted, but ignore me and please go listen to it!

I’m gunna go listen to Julian‘s earlier releases :).

10 Commandments out of 10

Mallard – Wubalubadubdub

California, USA! Sacramentohhhhh!

Wow, Wubalubadubdub is epic and I bet it rules live.

I love the vocals so so much, Martha and the Muffins – Echo Beach anyone??? I should try and get Muffins into more of my writing. It’s a joy how this track bridges between sections, in that respect it’s the opposite of everybody’s teenage years – seamless and graceful. I speak of teenage years as the lyrics remind me of trying to fit in when you don’t truly belong anywhere.

Seriously, it slides into a sort of MGMT – Of Moons, Birds and Monsters (their best song btw) and I get completely lost in the beautiful guitars. But thank God – I’m able to find a way out of the hazy guitar maze as Wubalubadubdub eventually comes full circle, but secretly I never wanted to leave…

BRB, gunna go listen to Martha and the Muffins and get hyped for more Mallard.

10 Commandments out of 10.

Elnuh – May 2 June

Texas, USA!

Elnuh really remind me of a band we have over here in the UK called Honeyblood.

There’s lots of reasons why I like May 2 June, and I suppose you lot want to know what these reasons are.

Well, lines such as “how many people does it take to feel real” hit home hard as I listened on my way to work – surrounded at close quarters by strangers I’d never see again. I was on a train by the way, there wasn’t just a gang of strangers taunting me all morning.

May 2 June makes me really want to start writing a diary again, where I can express every recent emotional hurdle in caps.

I also love this song as the guitar jam at the end brought back memories of when I saw Real Estate recently and I had no idea they did 8 minute jams when they perform live and it was great. Thanks Elnuh for bringing back those good times, but no pressure to do 8 minute long jams when you perform live *winks at the laptop screen*.

Go listen to the whole Split EP with Booty Feet. I really struggled to pick just one Elnuh track to write about – they’re all really great, especially Powdered Sugar!

10 Commandments out of 10.

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