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Fime – Duck

California, USA!

Wow wow wow this is so great and fun.

The guitar on Duck is so awesome, it almost sounds nostalgic with hints of Hank Marvin/The Shadows? I see Fime playing in the corner of a rockin’ 50s American Diner, whilst the cool kids comb their hair and drink from their malt shakes. There would obviously be a dance contest too, and some teenage drama.

Meanwhile, cutting through all this American nostalgia are those scratchy rasping vocals, shaking up the wholesome routine. The contrast sounds great and that guitar solo is so malt shatteringly good. I have written ‘malt’ too many times.

It’s a wicked track and go check out the whole Dining EP on bandcamp.

Also, I think there may be new music on the horizon – Fime posted on the ol’ Facebook news of a new music video coming soon…along with a photo of a dawg.

10 Commandments out of 10.

Ms.Honey – Sunburnt

New Jersey, USA!

These guys used to be called Porridge but now they are Ms.Honey, which is hopefully named after my and also I guess Matilda’s idol. I think Ms.Honey might have been my first crush, I’m sorry for forgetting about you.

This month their debut EP was born and Sunburnt, the EPs closing number, made me just stop and go “whaaaat!”. This is such a sad beautiful song. I’m really bad at interpreting songs, but for me lines such as…

If I lay outside all day
My skin will turn bright red
If I lay in bed all day
I’ll get blue

…make me think of the struggle that is making decisions, and commitment, and how sometimes even the right decisions can still leave a sadness.

I’m a very indecisive person, and Sunburnt is the perfect soundtrack to that feeling of just ghosting through life, and forever saying “I’ll have what you’re having” in bars.

Go check out the whole EP on bandcamp! …while I go listen to Sufjan.

10 Commandments out of 10.

Spherehead – Eh

Pennsylvania, USA!

I couldn’t get the sound of this track out of my head, it’s so beautiful put together, like a lovely hand crafted rocking chair – rocking being the appropriate type of chair here.

Anyway, enough about chairs.

Eh is such a loud and in your face song, but at the same time there’s a warmness there, like an unattended fire that just wants a hug. I’m amazed at how much has been squeezed into 4 minutes, there’s harmonies, multiple guitar solos, a whole lot of love and even some lyrics. But in all seriousness, I love the vocals, the guitar is so so sweet and it’s an amazing track – if they sound like this live I gotta go to Pennsylvania.

Go check out the rest of the EP, it came out in 2016, so hopefully there’ll be more Spherehead music soon!

9 Commandments out of 10.

wf addams – little explosions

Athens, Georgia! America!

Little Explosions is so so good, I hope wf addams won’t find this insulting but it brings back all that was good about teen college dramas. Scenes of kids running away from home, a teenager turning their back on a crush and not looking back, a renegade with a troubled past and nothing left to lose – generally all scenes that involve someone dramatically leaving something or someone, while the renegade watches from afar.

Regardless of my obsession with Jimmy Eat World (I think they sound vaguely similar, in a good way!), the vocals rule, as does the slow burning rhetoric “Do I Look Convincing Yet?”.

Check out the whole Signs of Wear EP below! Also great illustration!

9 Commandments out of 10

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