DENZELL – Soft Reset

Pittsburgh, USA!

Ok yes I’ve been listening to a lot of Parquet Courts, but DENZELL do remind me of them, in that “heyyy, we’re laid back so we don’t need to try hard to sound cool” thing. But deep down we really know that a lot of work has gone into creating that lazy hazy sound – I know your dirty strong work ethic secret DENZELL!

Soft Reset has that awesome awesome forever non-stop riff in the background that powers the track throughout. I think I could happily have that guitar in the background of my entire life. Maybe up until I turn like 35, at that point I might be a bit angrier, and be more prone to headaches – plus the guitar player should really have the chance to do something else with their life.

Apparently DENZELL have hopes of an album release later this year!

Also their cover photo on Facebook is the entire band being homer sinking into the hedge – so they’re worth your time.

10 Commandments out of 10.

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