Elnuh – May 2 June

Texas, USA!

Elnuh really remind me of a band we have over here in the UK called Honeyblood.

There’s lots of reasons why I like May 2 June, and I suppose you lot want to know what these reasons are.

Well, lines such as “how many people does it take to feel real” hit home hard as I listened on my way to work – surrounded at close quarters by strangers I’d never see again. I was on a train by the way, there wasn’t just a gang of strangers taunting me all morning.

May 2 June makes me really want to start writing a diary again, where I can express every recent emotional hurdle in caps.

I also love this song as the guitar jam at the end brought back memories of when I saw Real Estate recently and I had no idea they did 8 minute jams when they perform live and it was great. Thanks Elnuh for bringing back those good times, but no pressure to do 8 minute long jams when you perform live *winks at the laptop screen*.

Go listen to the whole Split EP with Booty Feet. I really struggled to pick just one Elnuh track to write about – they’re all really great, especially Powdered Sugar!

10 Commandments out of 10.


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