Jena Pyle & Claire Morales – Strange

Now I’m not one to ordinarily like country music, in fact country and death metal are the only two genre’s I generally hide from. But this cover of Patsy Cline‘s Strange is something pretty sweet. Jena Pyle & Claire Morales have really made me mull over whether it’s time I gave country music another go. Death metal though will have to wait.

There’s a real nostalgic quality, just vocals and guitar stripped back really reminds me of Inside Llewyn Davis, but I think that might just be coz I watched it recently. If anyone knows other good musical films, please let me know so I don’t compare everything to Inside Llewyn Davis.

…Ooh yeah, go check out Sundae Crush & Claire Morales‘ own stuff too guys.

Also I couldn’t find a photo of Jena & Claire in the same place at the same time, so I flipped a coin to see who got to be the main photo, better luck next time Jena Pyle.

9 Commandments out of 10

Photo by Merrie Earnest

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