Landlines – Junkyard

Portland, USA! ..and yes, I’ve only just discovered Portlandia – but i’m learning.

I’m getting so many early REMmurmur era‘ vibes (…sorry for writing vibes) from Junkyard. I think it’s how stripped back it is, with the really prominent bass – it’s also because of how god damn cool it is.

I’m really glad this comes out in September, as this is genuinely the time of year where I always start to break.

The guitar solo on Junkyard is the icing on this grungy straight-talking cake. I wish it went on longer, but I think you’d then end up with an entire Interpol song sandwiched between the rest of this Landlines song – and I think Interpol are the only band who could really pull that sort of thing off, and only with their songs. Taking this all into account, the guitar solo is the correct length. I’m sure Landlines went through the same thought process.

The song rules, and it’s part of a new album that is out physically September 28th – go find it on bandcamp!

10 Commandments out of 10.

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