steve. – Fuego My Eggo

I’ve been feeling pretty sad and full of emotion lately so I’ve returned to my love of emo music – the result of all this has been the discovery of steve. – *unveils steve. from beneath one of those metal dome food covers that they have in restaurants in the movies*.

steve. are from New Jersey in the big ol’ US of A. Fuego My Eggo was my fav off their EP and they were kind enough to even create a music video for it, so I’ve included that below as an extra special treat. I know I know, thank me later.

I’ve found Fuego My Eggo kinda feisty and also kinda liberating. It has reminded me to go get outside and meet some fun people, make a few mistakes and embrace some “maple syrup covered lips“. I also love this song for its gradual increase in anger, I guess it just goes to show how quickly everything can turn to shit – but that journey does give us things to sing about, so *shrugs shoulders*.

Also listening to this in the evening has its downsides as I am now dying for some breakfast. Go listen to the whole EP on bandcamp fools – but maybe wait till morning.

10 Commandments out of 10.

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