Sweater Curse – Fell Asleep

Sorry, I’ve been away at a music festival! I had a nice time, thanks!

Brisbane, Australia!

This song is so damn damn good, I was at End of the Road festival and Sweater Curse would have fit in so well there! Slowdive headlined one night and I get similar vibes (…sorry for writing vibes) from Fell Asleep. It’s ominous, slightly on edge and comes to life once the sun has gone down…I imagine this is the music the moon would make if it could play the guitar and had emotions. I’m here for you moon.

Anyway any song with the line “I’d rather go home and have a bath” is golden. I don’t think baths get enough love in general, let alone within the Australian alternative music scene – so thanks Sweater Curse for doing your bit for a worthy cause.

Guys, the song rules, so listen to it. It’s even on Spotify – no excuses.

Sorry for a terrible review, I am tired.

10 Commandments out of 10.


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