Talkies – Not a Rehearsal

These goode boys are from Austin, Texas!

The guitar on Not a Rehearsal gives me some old school vibes, and I’m talking Blondie old school (they should probably explore the idea of a Rapture-style rap). This is chilled, eerie pop and I adore it. The softly spoken vocals also really remind me of the new spooky nostalgic MGMT stuff, which has ended up being weirdly great. I think that’s enough of me saying Talkies sound like other bands.

It looks like Not a Rehearsal is Talkies‘ first release since they reworked their lineup, so if this track is anything to go by their upcoming album could be spookily awesome. Rad guitar solo too.

Check out the track below and explore their Bandcamp!

9 Commandments out of 10

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